This isn’t it.

Recently, I took a drive to clear my head. Pulling off to the side of the road I exited my car. A warm radiance wrapping itself around the mountains and trees as the sun tucked itself behind the Earth. It was hard not to believe that even when I was gone this would still be here, forever. I guess the part that troubled me so much was I knew this wasn’t true, I was lying to myself.  The trees effortlessly bend and sway with the cool breeze , feeling restless I return to my car and drive home.  Sitting for a little while I shrug and pull out my device. “I have to see it for myself.” I think as my fingers slide over my device. A quick flash and I’m somewhere else, but not. Sand gathers at my boots as I stare off into this plain, a dust ball that’s hard to love.  The copper like star burns off  in the distance. Closing in to grasp this tiny planet we’ve all called home at one point to another. I breathe a heavy sigh, the hot air burns my throat. Setting myself down, I get ready for the last viewable sunrise. This is when the world ends.

It’s regrettably hard to imagine that all of this, the things we love and hate will be gone at some point. But not really, my reluctant belief is that nothing cannot exist as it’s mere existence would then qualify it into the something. Maybe I am not saying this right… Every living organism dies, there is a cycle or path that leads to the enviable end of said organisms function, this is something we all know. Some are terrified of it. But when your consciousness is gone, so will the things that can be said is you. There is a body that remains, the atoms that make up this shelter for your being stays in this universe to go on, to melt into the ether of everything. This can be the same as stars, planets, galaxies- in one moment in the very distant future to be condensed and expanded. Making everything, into everything. It’s almost romantic I guess, that everything that ever was ,that will ever be, will be again.

The copper edge of the blooming star begins to break, vaporous trails dance as the sun makes its way across the horizon. The thin sheet that once kept life on this planet burns from the rays. Sweat pours from anywhere it can, burning my eyes. I can’t close them, not now. My eyes feel the heat like watching a campfire, a warmth, a calm. The sky itself begins to ignite as the remains of this world turn. Covering half of the sky it becomes too much for me to continue. Drenched in sweat I fumble with my device, I give her one last look before I too disappear momentarily. To again go on.


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