A 43rd Century Crime. Part Two.

I fucked up, I can admit that much.

The rain pelted our shoulders as we walked through the wheat field, everything including myself bent under the waters weight. That is -nearly- everything; Gabe 6 walked tall and strong as we moved through this man made monsoon. The cold was finding its way to seep into my bones, an uncomfortable chill set inside. We near a large harvesting machine when Gabe 6 grabs me and pushes me to it. Startled I begin to ask when he moves his finger over his lips for me to be quiet. Only a second later a large glowing ship flies overhead stopping the rain for a minute. In awe, I gazed as the behemoth of a machine glided over us. We sat still as it disappeared in the downpour. “What was that?” I asked Gabe 6 as we stood. “For a human you sure are naive, it was the watchers, they make their fly-by to catch the stragglers.” Gabe 6 said.

We walked for about eight more kilometers from where the watchers passed. We came onto a large structure; the red paint at its base was worn. The rain stops in a click as the bright lights pour once more. This is when the structure reveals itself. It looked like a crippled giant that was getting tired of holding the world up. Cracks and rust showed its age. Gabe 6 pushes the large door open and stale air rushes out. We walked inside soaked and cold, or at least I was cold. A single light wraps the spiral staircase above our heads in a terrifying shadow. We began to walk up the stairs, they groaned under our weight. This is where a mistake becomes a tragedy, I ran passed Gabe 6 excited to get to the top of the stairs, I hit a weak spot and it gives under my foot, I catch myself on the following step but Gabe 6 wasn’t as lucky as the steps behind me followed the first’s example, he fell with a crashes, breaking the 18 stories of staircases under him. I called out to him trying to find a sign of movement in the twisted mess below. No answer.

I collect myself and my thoughts and continue up the stairs. I reach a steel door like the one we entered through. I push with all my might and it barely budges. I run and slam into the door with the might of a car hitting a wall, my shoulder complains but the door opens into an alley. I shake off the pain and look around. The City was tall and bright, the skyscrapers cut deep into the cloudy sky above. I clean myself up the best I can and walked toward the street. If there could be a simple picture of utopia this would be it. I can’t say Thomas More would be proud, speckled between the green trees and white walkways were the merchants of vice selling everything from sex and drugs, to even love. I walked through the mystifying paradox of a city when I thought I saw him. I ran as quickly as I could, Gabe 6 stood on the corner with a silver suit and a shimmering smile. I grabbed his arm “Oh thank goodness you’re alive Gabe!” I said as he smiled at me. “Sweetheart I will gladly be anyone you need me to be, for a price.” The imposter said. I stepped back confused and bewildered. A freckled young man saw the exchange and came over. “If you’re going to touch the merchandise you’ll have to pay the fee!” He said I could see his knuckles turn white in frustration. “I’m sorry just thought he was someone else, I, uhh…” I bolted as fast as I could away from them. In a blind sprint, I run into a group of women I tumble into one of them. She fell back and cracked her head as we made our way to the ground, Sara 9’s face stared blankly back at me. I was scared shitless at this point I’ll admit, my head was spinning in so many circles I forgot about my device. I stand over the red headed Sara, her smile blank and eyes wide.”Hey you!” Someone called out from the crowd that was surrounding us. I twisted and turned, like a tiger in a cage, trying to find my exit, it never showed. Some men in uniform were walking through the now opened crack in the crowd. I was about to run again when I was swept away by two of the other Saras I ran into. We cut through the crowd like a swift current. Nearly dragged they took me to an old looking brick house and dumped me inside. “We’ll be back for you.” The brunette Sara said. The door closed and the house was dark. I stumbled my way to a seat and tried to digest what happened.

The door opens and the brunette Sara walks in. “Hello Karl, I am Sara 13.” She reaches out her small hand and brushes my hair down. “I didn’t mean for any of this I, I di..” I tried to say before she cut me off. “Shh..” she said taking my chin. “We know you didn’t honey.” She said. She had a way to slip peace into your heart by just one look, she did just that to me. I relaxed. “How come you’re all helping me so much?” I asked. “Because we have a need of you Karl.” She said. “I don’t understand, what do you mean you have a need for me?” I asked. “You’re the carrier, the one that will make this world ours.” She said. “The carrier, wait what the fuck are you talking about?” I asked. “The maker to end the makers.” She said. I was scared, terrified really. “You carry inside you the things we need to end them, you can be our God Karl, and doesn’t this interest you?” She said. “Not in the slightest.” I said as I reached into my pocket for my device. She stops me by grabbing my arm, my fingers slightly on my device, but not enough to do anything. “Can you not see what you humans are doing to this world?  You’ve seen the mistreated. The one they feel they can just dispose of, we’re people too dammit!” A new tone of anger was rose from her. “I cannot help you destroy my own kind, regardless of the terrible acts they commit!” I said, with all my strength I push her off of me and hit my device.